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Lisa’s been publishing novels since the early 90s, originally using┬áthe pseudonym Alicia Scott and later releasing them under her own name.

To help you find out about all of her novels and short stories, we’ve produced this Book List site. Here’s a quick guide:

Books In Order – This page has a complete list of all of her books in chronological order

FBI Profiler Series – This has details about all of the books in the FBI Profiler series

D.D. Warren Series – This lists all of the full-length novels and short stories featuring Detective D.D. Warren

Tessa Leoni Series – Find out more about the series that follows Tessa Leoni

Standalone Books – Most of Lisa Gardner’s books are part of a series, but this page has details about all of her standalone novels

Alicia Scott Books – Discover more about all of the stories she wrote as Alicia Scott

Family Secrets Series – This page has information about the trilogy she wrote early in her career

Guiness Gang Series – The Guiness Gang was her first series of books, so this page has details about all of them

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You can also find a complete list of her books in alphabetical order on the right hand side of every page.

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